Thursday, 19 June 2014

Let There Be Light

All I want is to stand in a field and to smell green, to taste air, to feel the earth want me, without all this concrete hating me.
Phillip Pulfrey

We've had  a long struggle to sort out the dusty, dirty, burned mess that was the wiring harness. We finally got to slap in a battery and start testing. With a fire extinguisher at the ready we cautiously started working our way through the lighting systems. Click the pic for a bigger version. Or don't, your choice.

To my faint amazement it all seems to be working!

The headlight and indicator relays attached to the underside of the fuse box were rusted through and completely unusable. I managed to source replacements locally, although the indicator relays from the nearest parts shop turned out to be repeatedly duff and failed to work at all. After returning three times for replacements I ended up demanding a refund which I then spent at Krugersdorp getting a suitable (and working) replacement. Exciting times, it's good to see the various bits coming to life again.

We had some rather dodgy connections in the rear light clusters and most of the lights did not initially work at all. They are now stripped and all of the copper contacts have been gently sandpapered back to shiny beauty. I'll leave the clusters out for now so that we can start prepping the surrounds for the imminent painting.

I still need an indicator switch. Nothing yet from the various feelers that I've put out, I may have to import a new one or simply stick an ordinary toggle switch on the dashboard for the time being. But we have shorted out the wires and the indicators are all working just fine.

Over-all the new wiring loom seems to be a great success, the ignition switch works, the starter turns over the engine, the lights all seem ok and the dashboard gauges and lights all seems to be doing what they should. Powaaaaaaahhh!

Thanks for visiting, see ya soon!
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