This type of trailer is something that I would love to do with the leftover pieces of Kombi. Once again it is something that would not have occured to me without the great World Wide Wasteland of the internet but pics like these are a great inspiration.

Matched Pair
Not really my first choice of colours but a great combination nonetheless. It looks like the trailer wheels are too far farward though, meaning that the disselboom (trailer hitch) has had to be extended to keep the load balanced.

Bright White
This very clean trailer appears to have been made up from two back ends. I like the matching wheels, they seem to finish off this combo quite nicely.

Wee Orange Thing
Nice colour but it looks like it needs a little finishing off.

Double Dutch
This combination (or the owners?) is known as Double Dutch and travels far and wide. Nice matching combination and well-balanced to my eye. See more pics on their website at

Silver Stuff
Another neat trailer. It looks like it was made from the rear of a Kombi with a rear tailgate grafted on the front to cover the hole and allow access. I like the matching pop-top.

Blue Team
Yet another tidy combination, and one of my favourites. If I can ever build something as neat as this then I'll rest well at night.

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