Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Have a seat

Linger not on the way, stray not from your aim. Always strive, always move on, always advance.
St Augustine

I went to fit the newly re-upholstered seats and realised something that I really should have realised sooner...I have two driver's seats and no passenger seat! They are styled and shaped slightly differently and the mounting points underneath do not correspond. The driver's seat is on a fore-and-aft slider where the passenger side is designed to be fixed in one position. I shall have to modify something, somewhere.

I made some new brackets and painted them up nicely before fitting to support the seat on the passenger side. The driver's seat still fits nicely into the original runners and as otherwise unmodified.

Bish bash bosh and that'll do for now. Check in again for the latest updates,

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