Friday, 1 December 2017

Christmas came early!

When the virus of restlessness begins to take possession of a wayward man, and the road from Here seems broad and straight and sweet, the victim must find himself a good and sufficient reason for going.
John Steinbeck

Thanks to the lovely people at Just Kampers in the UK ( I received a few lovely goodies for the project. The proper foam seal for the engine bay, plastic seals for the three-part front bumper, exhaust clamps, indicator lenses, new accelerator hinge with spring and pin, and a lovely new carpet for the cab. Sweeeeeet!

We still have a tuning issue with the new carburettor, the jetting seems to be incorrect. But she starts and runs. We are making progress, slowly.

Thanks for coming by, hopefully by early next year we'll be looking at paint again.
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