Wednesday, 31 January 2018


All happiness depends on courage and work.

So the New Year has brought new motivation ... I have made a lot of life-changes recently, including a lovely new girlfriend and a move to a new home. So I am spending a lot of my time packing, moving, unpacking, tidying and cleaning. And building wardrobes from flat-packs.

I am keen to tidy up a lot of loose ends, this Marigold Project being a (ten year!) outstanding example.

In that vein I have started afresh on the outstanding bodywork and dent repair jobs that have been neglected and waiting for so long. I have recruited an assistant who is inexperienced but enthusiastic and energetic. He is happy to perform hard labour in the heat of the South African summer for hours on end - what a find!

My ever-helpful neighbour who is storing the project for me has kindly extended my access hours to allow me to work on the occasional Saturday too. This is going to speed the project up and bring the painting deadline ever closer. Watch this space as I hope to bring more regular progress updates.

Thanks for coming by,

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