Other Stretches

Black Beauty
This gorgeous thing has no visible sliding door on the side and no badge or spare wheel on the nose, very clean.

Feelin' Blue
This is one of the early stretch photos that I have seen on the web. It's very tidy with the sliding door at the right-rear as I intend mine to be.

Orange Crush

This is similar to the one above but it has an extended Westfalia-type roof and the sliding door is more forward.

Factory Demo
Another striking and attractive example of a neat and well-done stretch. This is a 1975 and is powered by a 5 litre Holden V8 engine. Interior is just plain carpet with no fittings. See more of it at http://www.blackneedle.com/blackstretchkombi.html.

Princess Limo
This is one of two that is available for hire from Princess Limo in the USA. The other is lime green with a wild interior. Both can be seen in more detail on the Princess website at http://www.princesslimos.com.

Ottmar's Vanagon
Ottmar and his stretch project have been a great inspiration to me. He named his stretch "Power of Two" and is pictured here on the Tioga Pass in the U.S. He has much detail and many photographs of the build on his website at http://evcl.com/vw/.

White Pop-Top
Here is a fairly neat stretch, although a little worn it does show signs of use, which is a Good Thing. It has the problem with the raised pressing where the protrusion varies strangely along the side - mine will not be as obvious as this.

The Kettle Wagon
This is a very neat stretch. I particularly like the extended width on the side opening with the "fanfold" cargo doors and the resulting large hole in the side to fall into after a few cold ones.

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