Reader's Rides

Some keen readers have kindly allowed me to post pics of their own projects. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.

Daniel's Super Stretch
This is one of the greatest stretch projects that I am aware of. Daniel is in New Zealand and has nearly doubled the length of his bay window bus. He plans to install a Toyota V8 engine for some extra push. As with so many of us, progress is slow but steady. See his update pages at

Stavie's "Hardtop"
Stavie has owned and driven this 1968 Lowlight Bay bus since 1972. Stavie is a builder by trade and built this wild roof when the original fibre-glass one blew off in 1988!

Hendrik's Hybrid
Hendrik just bought this SA-built hybrid bay/split. It has a 1976 highlight bay front with the older splittie rear and cargo doors. Very different and interesting. Update It won't be a project as he returned it to the previous owner owing to difficulties with the papers.

Marius' 1965 Splittie
Thanks Marius for bringing "Flossie"* over to show to me and for the spin around the suburbs! She was bought from the original owner on a farm in the Karoo. She had very little rust, was lovingly tidied and repainted and is driven regularly.
* Afrikaans language name meaning floozy, presumably so named because she is cheap and gets ridden often.

This locally designed and built Autovilla belongs to reader Dennis. Just a little tidying up needed and she'll be like new again. Thanks for the pics Dennis - please keep us updated :)

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