Monday, 2 February 2009

Belly Out!

Though they carry nothing forth with them, yet in all their journey they lack nothing. For wheresoever they come, they be at home.
Sir Thomas More

I'm running a bit behind schedule (already!) as Marigold has a full belly pan welded to her underside that is proving difficult to remove. This was installed to add stiffness to the chassis in compensation for the missing roof section. She also has bash-plates fitted beneath the forward foot pedals, and also beneath the gearbox for extra protection.

I'd hoped to have that finished by the end of January. I hope to continue with the smoothing of the rough edges on the cut ends, get the strengthening supports made and have the whole lot ready for welding by the end of the month.

Dino popped in for a couple of hours this morning with his amazing blowtorch. The centre of the offending belly pan between the beams has now been hacked out and we can reach the gear linkage, wiring and brake pipes to remove, extend and re-install. There were about 15 kilos of sand and stones in the belly-space enclosed by this pan! I have also removed the white Kombi doors and replaced them with Marigold's doors. The white ones were rusted to hell and back, Marigold's are just rusted to hell

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