Monday, 15 December 2008

Starting The Tear-down

People don't take trips – trips take people.
John Steinbeck

At last. All of the hard work on the concrete slab seems worthwhile. The old girl actually jump-started on the first attempt and drove up here under her own power! Very exciting with loads of wheelspin when trying to get up the muddy ramp. The dustbin bag taped to the roof is cover the hole left by a missing skylight. The skylight was left ajar when we drove to a music festival in Heidelberg, it blew away with a loud bang while we were tootling down the freeway.

The Sorry State of the Cupboards Up arrow
In this picture they just look filthy, but they are actually quite rotten and swollen from water damage. The fixing screws and bolts are all loose and the melamine surfacing is peeling off. I'll probably only keep these long enough to use as a pattern for the new ones.

Stripping Out The Interior Up arrow
The forward cupboards and the "dicky seat" have been removed, as have the front seats, mats, curtains and door trims. The lower seatbest mounts were so badly rusted that I had to soak them in good old Q20 for a couple of days before I could remove them.

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