Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Return of the lump

A reasonable man accepts the world as it is. One therefore depends on the unreasonable man to change the world.
George Bernard Shaw

I am delighted to announce that the engine work has been completed and the lump has been returned to me, months early and as pretty as a picture. It now has been honed and cleaned and aligned and polished and overhauled and bored and balanced and fettled and lubricated and . . . lots of other fancy words that I can't pronounce. It also has a lovely new carburettor and air filter setup that should be just the job for giving us the extra torque that we need to get this bus up the mountains without too much distress.

There is a two-page, closely-typed list of all of the tasks that have been completed on the job - it's an amazing list that includes a total of 99 hours of labour! I have been exceedingly fortunate to have had all of this work done at a very low price and in super speedy time by a real aficionado of the aircooled VW. Mr van der Merwe, a thousand thanks to you; I shall be forever impressed by - and grateful for - your skills and knowledge.

All I have to do still is organise a new exhaust as the old one has rotted away. Summat to do on the upcoming weekend, I hope.

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