Friday, 14 September 2018

Tanks for the memories

It always seems impossible until it’s done.
Nelson Mandela

We have been struggling for a long long time to get the rebuilt engine set up properly. It wouldn't idle right, then it wouldn't pull properly, then it kept stalling out...extremely frustrating. Eventually it went back to the engine builder for him to double-check everything.

After extensive checking and testing, the only oddity seemed to be that the valves were gunked up with some sort of crud. A good clean and rinse was sufficient to get the engine running smoothly and with apparent good power output. But the builder says to check the fuel in the tank, it's probably contaminated with something 'orrid.

Welcome back :)
So we drained the fuel tank into a few containers - it resembles muddy water, oh crap! That's forty litres of expensive fuel that will have to be disposed of, buggerit. I have removed the tank previously to give it a good clean but it looks as if it should come out again for a rinse.

Looks okay on the outside...

...but there's a swamp inside :(

So I asked around on the old interweb thingy for some help with proper cleaning and possibly lining or coating the inside of the tank if necessary. And Silverton Radiators in Strydom Park were recommended. I blagged a ride from a family member with a working car (thanks Keegan) and popped over to have a look.

Not only were they willing and able, they were also speedy and very reasonable on the pricing. Less than 24 hours after dropping off the sludgy tank it was ready for collection.

They have given it some kind of acid bath and chemically cleaned it, inside and out. The exterior has been re-painted with a protective coating while the interior is mud-free and shiny. A rust preventing liquid has been sloshed around inside to finish it off and it looks properly lovely - good result!

Next we can refit the tank, refit the engine and perhaps get this project mobile at last.

Thanks for keeping up, come again soon for the next episode :)

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